Margin Notes



The Nerdette Podcast, which is an interview show featuring people you either already love, or will be delighted to learn about, has started a new regular feature called “Burden or delight”.

“Burden or delight” is a game where the host Greta Johnson and her guests discuss different stories and decide if they are burdensome or delightful. In the latest episode, the topics included double dipping, eating snow,  and gummy vitamins.

Other topics that Nerdette guests have discussed: the end of certain road signs,  the new Apple charger, and whether having extended birthday celebrations is a burden or delight. They have also talked about the number of spiders we eat in our sleep and the best time of day to eat diner. As you can tell, this is meant to be a very non-serious discussion!  I can see it being a hit with high school students. Although the podcast is a fun listen, and a great show, please preview it first before you play it for your students- it is definitely meant for an adult audience.

This concept is easily adaptable to the classroom and could be a fun way to spark discussion and debate. You could choose any current event, although I would stick to pop-culture types of stories for this activity. All you would need would be the topic, an article or video explaining the topic, and time to discuss whether is a burden or delight. One way you might organize it is to have the students discuss the topic in pairs or small groups first, then have a quick larger discussion at the end.

I think this idea is quick to implement, easy to set up, and could be quite delightful!




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