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Congratulations to Lisa Stewart-Munn, Michelle Wuest, and Debbie Grillo for winning #ASDWReads for the summer! Thank you for sharing your reading, and we hope you enjoy your new books.
If you would like to enter the next draw, just snap a photo of a book you read in September, and post it on Twitter or Instagram under #ASDWReads. We look forward to seeing what books you are spending time with this fall!

Welcome Back!


Welcome back to another year of Margin Notes. We are looking forward to sharing our book recommendations and literacy reflections and learning throughout the year.

It was great connecting with many of you on August 27th. Here is a picture of the banner you helped to create.FullSizeRender

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July Reading #ASDWReads


Vacation means extra reading time. Here’s a summary of the audiobooks, e-books, and paper books I enjoyed in July:

July 1July 3July 2July 4JUly 5July 6July 7July-9.jpegJuly-8.jpegJul-11.jpegJuly-10.jpeg