Margin Notes



New York Times #1 bestselling author Holly Jackson’s YA novel, Five Survive,  follows a group of teens on a road trip with deadly consequences. It’s the perfect mystery filled with lies and secrets that will have you on the edge of your seat. This excellently paced story never fails to keep you entertained with unforeseeable twists and turns, all happening in one night.  

Told from the third person perspective of Redford Kenny, an eighteen-year-old troubled teen with an unreliable father and deceased mother, we see six friends go on a spring break trip in a camper, the only trip Red can afford. When service cuts out and they get lead to an isolated dirt road, another problem strikes: a flat tire. With that problem fixed and the camper ready to go again, they head to continue their journey, hollering as they begin to drive away. However, they don’t make it far as they come to an abrupt stop, all four tires collapsing into the ground. While observing the tires, Red notices a tiny red light staggering around them, and it isn’t long before a loud crack reveals a bullet hole in the camper wall. With a deadly laser breaking into their camper, bullets prepared, Red and her friends must try and escape. The only way out is to reveal a secret to the sniper lurking in the woods, but whose secret is it? While reading this book you will see Red uncover lies she wishes to have never known, witness evocative actions, and make discoveries that will haunt her forever.  

This “perfect nail-biting mystery”, as author Natasha Preston says, is an amazing thriller that is suitable for people in high school or older due to its mature dialogue, violence, and graphic content. This is an amazing book if you wish to be confused, jarred, and beguiled.  

Allie Ashford is a grade ten student at Fredericton High School that loves baking, creating art, and writing, obviously. She spends most of her time typing away on her laptop, which I am sure her mother appreciates as it keeps the kitchen clean. For Allie, completing pieces she is proud of gives her a sense of accomplishment, and she finds that really motivating.   


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