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Hanwell Park Academy recently hosted its second annual Student Film Festival to celebrate student learning and showcase the incredible talent and creativity of their middle school students. We were thrilled to receive an invitation to attend. The festival is an initiative started by teachers Megan Young-Jones, Stephen Stone, and Sara Stevenson, who aimed to foster traditions in a new school that would engage learners, provide an authentic audience, celebrate student leadership and achievement, and allow students to take pride in their accomplishments.

In the weeks leading up to the festival, students were placed in small groups and participated in a series of mini lessons led by their language arts teachers. These lessons covered essential filmmaking topics, including genres, story arcs, different types of shots, the art of short films, scriptwriting, and analyzing mentor films across various genres. The goal was to provide students with the foundational knowledge they needed to create compelling films.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this year’s festival was the ease with which students navigated the technology. Using iMovie and CapCut, they edited their films with minimal guidance, showcasing a level of proficiency that left the adults in attendance in awe. The ideas, editing skills, and collaborative efforts were evident in every film presented, reflecting the hard work and dedication of the students.

Ms. Young-Jones served as the Master of Ceremonies, bringing her trademark enthusiasm and humor to the event. She kept the audience entertained between each film and ensured that every student’s work was celebrated. Her ability to motivate and champion students was on full display, making the event not only entertaining but also inspiring.

Respecting the diverse learning identities of students, the festival allowed for flexibility in participation. While all students were placed in groups, they had the choice to either appear on camera or take on roles behind the scenes. This approach ensured that every student could contribute in a way that was comfortable and meaningful for them, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

The festival concluded with the panel of guest judges having the difficult task of selecting the award-winning films. Awards were given in various categories, recognizing the outstanding efforts and achievements of the students. Below are two of the award-winning films that exemplify the creativity and inclusivity nurtured at Hanwell Park Academy (click on full screen and then press play!):

Fans’ Choice and Best Overall: Toast







Judges Choice: Disney








Thank you for inviting us to this special event, and please invite us back again next year!

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