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Margin Notes is the collaborative effort of the ASD-W Literacy Team.

Current members of the ASD-W Literacy Team

Jill Davidson is a Literacy Subject Coordinator in Anglophone School District West in New Brunswick, Canada and is the co-creator of @shelfietalk.  She has been a High School English Language Arts teacher and a literacy coach.  She is passionate about young adult literature and the power of getting the right book into the hands of a reader who needs it.


Melissa Walker is currently a literacy learning coach working with teachers in grades 9 to 12.  She has experience teaching English Language Arts at both the middle and high school level.  She is an advocate for young readers and believes every child is a reader in their own way.


Signe Williams is a Literacy Subject Coordinator in Anglophone School District West in New Brunswick, Canada.  She has taught in a variety of grades at the Elementary level and has experience as an Educational Support teacher and as a literacy coach.  She has a deep connection with developing readers and loves sharing with educators research based practices that have developed her passion for literacy.


Tracy Davis is currently a literacy coach working with teachers in grades K to 5. She has experience as a primary and elementary classroom teacher as well as an educational support teacher. She is incredibly fortunate to learn from and work alongside educators with a heart and passion for everything literacy.


Colleen Wiley is a Literacy Subject Coordinator in Anglophone School District West in New Brunswick, Canada.  She has taught a variety of grades at the elementary, middle and high school level.  In addition she has experience as an administrator, educational support teacherand as a literacy coach.  Colleen believes in supporting teachers with developing inclusive and representative classroom libraries and loves sharing practices that  develop a literacy community within the classroom.  


Sonja Wright is a Literacy Learning Coach for Grades 6-8 in ASD-W. She is a passionate advocate for student agency in all aspects of literacy learning. She keeps current with literacy research, loves to share ideas with teachers, and feels very lucky to be able to work alongside amazing educators every day! She is a former music teacher, elementary classroom teacher and educational support teacher. She can be found reading or listening to a good book almost anywhere she goes and loves to talk about books! 


Past members and original creators of Margin Notes

Kelly Aitken is currently teaching literacy to grades 6-8.  She is an experienced literacy coach and worked with teachers in grades 6 to 12. She is currently focused on expanding talk in the classroom around reading and writing and intentionally creating a community of literacy learners.

Katie Prescott is currently on maternity leave and is looking forward to returning to her high school English classes next year. She is passionate about literacy and the power it holds to shape lives, hearts, and ideas.

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