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If you like surprises Make Me a Liar is right up your alley. Get ready to take a trip on a nail-biting adventure when you read this. The plot consists of Tia an ordinary teenage girl who holds a unique secret. One day, as she takes up her normal side gig. She sees herself kill another person. The police catch on, and frame her for a murder she didn’t commit, or did she?  From the smart reactions and hilarious remarks, this book feels like a real gem. To say this book is addictive is an understatement. 

 The character development was on point. The character’s sharp contrast from one another made the book stand out. An example of this, is when the main character Tia and Blade a side character meet. Their opposite personalities shine. Throughout the book, they must navigate through their differences. It makes for some interesting conversations and situations to read throughout the book. The unique plot and realistic characters are what make Make Me a Liar such an enjoyable book. 

 This book would be the perfect pick for older teenagers as content includes swearing and mature jokes and for readers who enjoy murder mystery, crime, suspense, thriller, and a pinch of romance. This book would be perfect for someone who loves to sit on the edge of their chair and loves to read mystery and suspense. The plot is a nail-biting story, so if you do not like that type of book, I would not recommend it. Although the beginning was a bit slow, it gradually picks up throughout the middle. I would still highly recommend this rollercoaster of a book to anyone interested! 


Hailey Cronkhite is a student at Fredericton High School, who lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She lives in a small neighborhood with her loving mom and her mom’s boyfriend. Hailey has been writing since elementary school. Ever since she was little, she would always construct stories of her own. She enjoys writing line by line and eventually telling a story as she goes along. 




Lynn Painter is an author that writes romantic comedies for teens and adults. She is the New York times bestselling author of Better Than the Movies and Mr. Wrong Number. She currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her children.  

Lynn Painter’s YA book, Betting on you, dives into the life of a teenage girl that is adapting to her parent’s divorce. It shows the different things teenagers struggle with like; anxiety, relationships, friendships and change. This book lets us see the life of Bailey and Charlie who both have experienced the complexities of parental separation. Bailey and Charlie first meet in an airport in Fairbanks when Bailey was leaving her dad to stay in Nebraska with her mom.   

Three years later, Bailey gets a job with her best friend and is surprised to find out that Charlie is her co-worker. Bailey still isn’t thrilled to meet Charlie, but tolerates him anyways. Charlie has an ideal that two people of the opposite sex simply cannot be friends, but Bailey begs to differ. They end up making a bet where Bailey has to prove to Charlie that boys and girl can indeed be friends without any strings attached.  

When they start “fake dating” to get rid of Bailey’s mom’s boyfriend, Bailey tries not to fall for Charlie, but fails miserably. While Charlie desperately tries to deflect his feelings for Bailey for fear that their friendship will be ruined. But, their “only co-workers” relationship soon turns out to be a “more than friends” relationship with shaky hands and memorable events. 

The characters in this book are really relatable. There are a lot of teens struggling with divorce and this book reveals how divorce and solo travelling affects teenagers, as seen in the life of Bailey. There is also a realness to this book because, even as Bailey and Charlie are in some sort of relationship, there are a few setbacks and fights. There are also a lot of Taylor Swift references in this book. The word choice and nicknames in this book totally crack me up.  

Overall, Betting on you is a gripping and entrancing book. The growing chemistry between Bailey and Charlie is very alluring. Watching them try to deny their attraction for each other is quite frustrating, but all the moments where they get lost in their feelings are so cute. I would recommend this rom-com YA book to everyone above the age of 13. This is honestly one of the best books I’ve read in a while.  

Anne Peter is a student in Fredericton High School. She grew up in Nigeria and moved to Fredericton last year. She was born on the 9th of September 2008. She lives in Fredericton with her mother and two younger sisters. She hasn’t published or written any books yet, but she has written a few pieces for school and for the fun of it. Whenever she isn’t writing or learning, she is reading a book, watching TikToks or watching anime. She has social anxiety, so she is a bit awkward at times. She has a calm personality and can be very fun if you get to know her. She is very introverted and prefers being in her own circle. She dislikes anything that puts her in social situations and the terms “group work” or “presentation”. She absolutely loves fried chicken and tangerines. She prefers working with music because it makes her concentrate and connect to what she is doing. Presently, she has a lot of ambitions and a lot of things she hopes to achieve. She aspires to have A LOT OF MONEY and wants to travel the whole world.  



New York Times #1 bestselling author Holly Jackson’s YA novel, Five Survive,  follows a group of teens on a road trip with deadly consequences. It’s the perfect mystery filled with lies and secrets that will have you on the edge of your seat. This excellently paced story never fails to keep you entertained with unforeseeable twists and turns, all happening in one night.  

Told from the third person perspective of Redford Kenny, an eighteen-year-old troubled teen with an unreliable father and deceased mother, we see six friends go on a spring break trip in a camper, the only trip Red can afford. When service cuts out and they get lead to an isolated dirt road, another problem strikes: a flat tire. With that problem fixed and the camper ready to go again, they head to continue their journey, hollering as they begin to drive away. However, they don’t make it far as they come to an abrupt stop, all four tires collapsing into the ground. While observing the tires, Red notices a tiny red light staggering around them, and it isn’t long before a loud crack reveals a bullet hole in the camper wall. With a deadly laser breaking into their camper, bullets prepared, Red and her friends must try and escape. The only way out is to reveal a secret to the sniper lurking in the woods, but whose secret is it? While reading this book you will see Red uncover lies she wishes to have never known, witness evocative actions, and make discoveries that will haunt her forever.  

This “perfect nail-biting mystery”, as author Natasha Preston says, is an amazing thriller that is suitable for people in high school or older due to its mature dialogue, violence, and graphic content. This is an amazing book if you wish to be confused, jarred, and beguiled.  

Allie Ashford is a grade ten student at Fredericton High School that loves baking, creating art, and writing, obviously. She spends most of her time typing away on her laptop, which I am sure her mother appreciates as it keeps the kitchen clean. For Allie, completing pieces she is proud of gives her a sense of accomplishment, and she finds that really motivating.   




A Thousand Steps into Night is a captivating fantasy novel taking place in medieval Japan. The story unfolds in the realm of Awara, a world full of spirits and demons. Some of these otherworldly beings are kind, while others are not. The protagonist, Miuko, lives a constrained life as an innkeeper’s daughter, with little influence due to her gender. 

Miuko’s life takes a dramatic turn when she’s hit by a curse that begins transforming her into a demon. This unexpected twist forces her to embark on a journey to undo the curse and reclaim her human form. As she ventures through the treacherous landscapes of Awara, Miuko encounters gods, demons, and tricksters, each posing unique challenges she must overcome. 

Throughout her journey, Miuko grapples with the newfound powers and freedom that her demonic transformation has put upon her. As she navigates her changing identity, Miuko starts to question whether she truly wants to return to her former life or if the power and liberation of her demon form are worth the cost of her humanity. 

A Thousand Steps into Night is a thrilling read that combines action and Japanese mythology. It features a diverse cast of characters who engage with readers on multiple levels. The novel explores many diverse themes, including personal transformation and the conflict between societal expectations and individual desires, which many teenagers today may relate to. 

This book is best suited for mature audiences due to its exploration of dark themes such as sexual assault, murder, and sexism, so readers should proceed with caution. While the premise of this book may seem daunting for those unfamiliar with Japanese history and mythology, the author provides footnotes whenever something a reader may not know much about is introduced, making it easy to follow along with the book. 

Fans of Japanese mythology and fantasy adventures will find “A Thousand Steps into Night” an enthralling read. 

AJ Jeffrey is obsessed with reading and writing. While they may not have any professionally published work, but many of their short stories can be found being shared in online spaces. In addition to fictional stories, AJ loves writing historical essays for fun. When they’re not writing, AJ can be found playing sports. Their favourite sport is softball, and they can be found playing on three different teams throughout the year.