Margin Notes



I find Twitter to be endlessly fascinating. It never fails to surprise me. One day, as I was scrolling, I saw a tweet that stopped me in my tracks. First, I laughed out loud (which is a rarity for me lately). Then, I thought to myself – this would make an amazing mentor text for review writing!

Let me introduce you to Room Rater (@ratemyskyperoom):

So, their twitter handle tells the whole story. They rate the rooms of people being interviewed from home. This treasure of a twitter account would not exist if it weren’t for the pandemic.

I can see so many possibilities for use as a mentor text:

-The authors write the reviews with short, concise sentence fragments – but they flow beautifully and tell a complete story.

-They give a rating out of 10.

-They give specific feedback and also give specific suggestions for improvement.  So, these tweets could also be used if you’re working with your class on improving their peer feedback.

Here’s another example:

Students could try it out and rate some rooms!  Here are some room interiors.

You can find Room Rater on Twitter. a bonus, here are some reviews of public bathroom sinks on TikTok (@sinkreview):

(Click the picture to check them out)

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