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Try this Tomorrow: BHH Reading (Book, Head, Heart)


My favourite way to get students talking, thinking, and writing about a text is to use the BHH Framework from the book Disrupting Thinking: Why How We Read Matters by Kylene Beers and Bob Probst.

BHH Anchor Chart

This anchor chart can be introduced and displayed in the classroom and can be referred to all year long.

I generally introduce the questions with a Picture Book. But, any text that stirs emotions will work.

Some of my go-to, thought provoking reads are:

As I read, I pause and “think aloud” as I model answering the questions that the book inspires me to answer.(Not all questions need to be used every time with every text).

Then, using different texts, we think and respond to the questions as a class, sharing our thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t take long before students are using the questions to independently think and write about texts!

I really love how open ended the questions are, and how they can lead to all sorts of conversations and writing ideas.

Here are Kylene and Bob talking about the BHH Framework:

The BHH Framework really does encourage students to think deeply about texts. And, as an added bonus, this framework can be used across subject areas and with all ages.

I have seen this used successfully in classrooms K-12.  

Try it tomorrow!

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