Margin Notes



As another year of work together as a literacy team begins, we have continued our ritual of beginning our meetings with time to write together. We write in response to a short text and discuss our writing and responses as a group. I’ve written about this ritual of building a community through writing here.

Putting writing first on the agenda gives us the gift of time to write and always leads to fascinating discussion. These quick writes generate writing in our notebooks that we can use later as artifacts of our writing lives. They also center us in doing the work of readers and writers that we know is critical for literacy educators.

Here are some of the texts we have used so far this year:

How to Read a Book By Kwame Alexander and Melissa Sweet


Can You Spot the Difference from Incidental Comics


The Little Hummingbird by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

We’ll continue to share the texts we incorporate into our meetings this year and hope that you’ll try out a few with colleagues and PLCs. If you have texts to recommend, please share them in the comments. Happy Writing!