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Throughout the year we will be sharing a round-up of resources that might be helpful as you develop opportunities for learning to share with your students. The following are suitable for K-5.

I Am Reading by Kathy and Matt Glover is full of ideas to invite and inspire young readers to make meaning and find the joy in reading any text. Open the book to find whole-class minilessons, suggestions for establishing reading workshops in K-1, action plans to get you started and 25 online video clips of children making meaning and teachers supporting them.

A must read for anyone working with young emergent readers!

Jennifer Serravallo, the author of A Teacher’s Guide to Reading Conferences takes you through the art of conferring with students, replete with infographics and special features including 9 videos of her teaching in K–8 classrooms.

If you are passionate about getting books into the hands of students, then Game Changer by Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp is the resource for you. It is packed with practical and resourceful information on, but not limited to, curating successful school and classroom libraries, the power of book ownership, and the importance of accessing books with many cultural and social representation.

In the second edition of Reading with Meaning, Debbie Miller shares her new thinking about how to teach comprehension strategies to children in grades K-3.  You will find specific examples of modeled strategy lessons for inferring, questioning and synthesizing information to name a few. Do not skip the chapter on how to successfully develop book clubs as a way for children to share their thinking.

Welcome to Margin Notes 2020-21!


Welcome to another year of Margin Notes! We are very excited to introduce our newest members of the team Tracy Davis, Colleen Dyer-Wiley, Signe Williams, and Sonja Wright.  

When we created Margin Notes in 2018, our target audience was teachers of Grades 6 to 12. This year, thanks to the expertise of the new members of our blogging team, we’re going to expand our content with a K-12 focus. 

We look forward to connecting, learning, and growing with you this year! 

Winner! Winner! Winner!


Margin Notes is pleased to announce that the following educators have won a copy of Make Writing by Angela Stockman: Lusinda Frost and Tracy Davis!  Your books will be hand-delivered next week.

Shyanne McWilliams, you are the super lucky winner of Angela Stockman’s newest book, Hacking The Writing Workshop.  A big thank-you to Ms. Stockman for donating a copy-we appreciate your help spreading the literacy love.  Shyanne, yours will be mailed to you so be sure to look in your mailbox every day when you get home from work!

Congratulations to Lusinda, Tracy and Shyanne on your latest literacy bling and thank-you for taking the time to share your wisdom in the comments section.  Stay tuned for our next giveaway on April 11th-all you have to do is leave a comment on the article, Beyond Literary Analysis and you will be entered into the draw.