Margin Notes

TAKEDOWN by Laura Shovan


Mikayla Delgado goes by Mickey when she wrestles.  With two older brothers and a dad who love wrestling, she’s grown up with the sport.  Her best friend, Kenna, has been her training partner and Mickey is ready for the two of them to move up to the Eagles travel team.  When they arrive for the first practice, they’re informed that they cannot be on the competitive team because they are girls. Kenna decides that she doesn’t want to wrestle after all so Mickey is left looking for a new competitive team and facing the fact that she’ll have to do it without her partner.

Lev Sofer is determined to make it to State this season. Last year, when Lev lost to Nick Spence, he cried after the match.  Nick saw him and told everyone at school.  This year, Lev is going to do what it takes to defeat his nemesis. (more…)