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Margin Notes is thrilled to announce an exciting summer blog series showcasing a series of book trailers created by Megan Young-Jones’ talented grade 6 students at Hanwell Park Academy . These trailers will engage you as teachers, and we hope you will share them with your students in the future, as a means of:

  •  Generating Interest: Book trailers are designed to capture the attention of viewers and create curiosity about the book. By showcasing trailers to students, teachers can create a buzz around specific books or authors, motivating students to read those titles.
  • Providing Visual Representation: Book trailers provide a visual representation of the story, characters, and settings, providing background information that supports comprehension.
  • Creating a Multimedia Experience: Today’s students are  accustomed to consuming multimedia content and book trailers tap into this familiarity and provide a different medium through which students can engage with literature. By presenting books through movie trailers, we can bridge the gap between traditional print reading and other forms of media that students consume.
  • Promoting Critical Literacy: Book trailers can help develop and reinforce important literacy skills. Students need to analyze the trailer’s content, make inferences about the story, and assess its appeal. Additionally, book trailers can spark discussions among students, encouraging them to share their thoughts and opinions about the book.
  • Presenting Models: For students choosing to create their own book trailers, these student book trailers can helpe them understand the the purpose and elements of a book trailer and can be analyzed for their effectiveness.

We hope you enjoy this viewing opportunity over the summer months. A special thank you to Megan Young-Jones, who tirelessly fosters a love of reading in her students, and who took on this project in the last wild weeks of middle school!

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