Margin Notes



In the introduction to Read This for Inspiration: Simple Sparks to Ignite Your Life, Ashly Perez explains that she wrote the book as a remedy for her phone fatigue: “I wanted a quick and easy way to take a break from work, munch on a thought-starter, and get back to the business of being a human.”

Read This for Inspiration is bursting with “thought-starters” (and quickwrite gold)! Each “spark,” as Perez calls the entries, is a one- or two-page piece of wisdom and encouragement that combine anecdotes, interesting facts, personal reflections, and quirky artwork,

Perez provides three instructions for reading the book:

  1. You Are the Boss of This Book (read it however, whenever, and in whatever order you’d like)
  2. This Book Is Not a Checklist (use the entries for being, not doing)
  3. Inspiration Is Everywhere, For Everyone (look for and find the things that make you feel good in your own life)

Read This for Inspiration is a fantastic read-alike for fans of Mari Andrew, Haley Drew This, and Cleo Wade. It would make a cheerful addition to a high school classroom library and a writing teacher’s repertoire of writing invitations.

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