Margin Notes



My first interaction with the book Odder by Katherine Applegate (author of The One and Only Ivan) and illustrated by Charles Santoso, was listening to the audio version – the sweet voice of Otter 156 telling her story. This little otter will capture your heart and immerse you in a story about identity, friendship, family, loss, courage, rescue and rehabilitation and conservation. Odder is inspired by the work of The Sea Otter Program at the Monterey Bay Aquarium that works to protect and conserve sea otters and their habitats. Throughout the story we learn about sea otters’ charismatic and playful nature, swimming abilities, strong family ties, fascinating abilities to use tools in their habitats and the joyful but threatened lives they live. The emotional impact of the poetic form will help readers connect with Odder’s character and themes through a memorable experience. After my listening experience, I knew this was a book I had to get my hands on. Whether you listen to Odder or read the words, I promise you will fall in love with her story.

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