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Six realms. Six terrible curses. Only one chance every hundred years to break them. This is what is on the line for Isla Crown, ruler of the Wildling realm and Aster’s protagonist, as she prepares to compete in the Centennial: a deadly event on Lightlark, an island which appears only once every hundred years for one hundred days. To break their curses – and gain immense power in the process – the rulers of each realm must fulfill a prophecy. What makes the Centennial so dangerous, though, is that fulfilling this prophecy requires the death of one ruler, and consequently, their entire realm. And to make matters worse, since the five hundred years the curses have affected them, the realms have been getting weaker and weaker. Now more than ever, the rulers are feeling the pressure to break their curses, once and for all. As the Centennial goes on, so many questions arise – will Isla and her best friend and fellow ruler Celeste’s secret plan to break their curses work out? Can she trust the cold, distant King of Lightlark that seems to despise her? Why is the Nightshade ruler so familiar to her, and why can’t she stop thinking of him? No one is safe as secrets are revealed, lies are told, trust is broken, and love blooms.

Full of action, mystery, and plot twists, Lightlark is sure to capture the attention of high school fantasy, dystopia, and/or romance fans. And the best part? It is the first book in Aster’s Lightlark saga so readers can continue embarking with Isla on her adventures in Nightbane, its newly released sequel.

Kie Gates is a student from the Bachelor of Education program at the University of New Brunswick When she is not busy with school, Kie loves going for walks, hanging out with friends, listening to music, and of course, cozying up with a good book. Her favourite part of the day is drinking her morning coffee.

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