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“It is magic, how words can be deadlier than daggers.”

In a world where magic tea is taken to heighten one’s powers, where monster roam free and ancient councils make warriors out of children, seventeen-year-old Imani has spent all her life mourning her brother who perished in the Forbidden Wastes. When Imani hears a rumour that Atheer might not be dead after all, she gathers a team of warriors and an array of weapons and sets out into the desert to rescue her brother after years of him being gone. Along the way, Imani and her team face obstacles, monsters and magic that test their abilities and make her questions where her place really is.

Fans of Children of Blood and Bone, Divine Rivals and Shadow and Bone will be captivated by Maiya Ibrahim’s Arabian inspired YA fantasy novel. Spice Road has something that will appeal to every reader. With elements of magic, myth, war, romance and adventure, Spice Road is an excellent book to introduce readers to a new genre they may not have thought to try. Maiya Ibrahim’s deep portrayal of the Arabian inspired fictional city Qalia is enthralling and pulls readers in, making it near difficult to put down the novel. While set in a fictional city, Spice Road is an excellent book to introduce readers to cultures that they may not have been exposed to before, as Qalia is based on ancient Arabian myth and culture.

I would recommend Spice Road to high school students who are looking to try a new genre. This would also be a great novel to use when introducing students to worldbuilding, setting, character and plot. Whether readers pick up Spice Road for its adventure, worldbuilding or strong female heroin, there is something for everyone!

Kaitlyn is a student from the Bachelor of Education program at the University of New Brunswick.






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