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Meet Tamsin Lark, an aspiring Hallower, and current tarot card reader working to support her younger brother. In Tamsin’s world, a Hallower is someone who possesses a magical talent and uses those talents to find magical objects and then sell to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, Tamsin does not possess a magical talent, however her brother does. After their guardian mysteriously disappears, Tamsin and her brother, Cabell, are left to fend for themselves. The siblings work together utilizing Cabell’s magical ability and Tamsin’s photographic memory and knack for language to find displaced magical artefacts to sell. The pair’s life is turned upside down when Tamsin is offered an extremely large sum to find an artefact that would also break a curse placed on Cabell when he was young. In the process of retrieving this artefact Tamsin and Cabell become friends with their arch nemesis, Emrys and a sorceress, Neve. The four of them embark on a dangerous and fantastical journey to retrieve the magical artefact and break Cabell’s curse. This journey leads the four unlikely friends to another realm where they find others who are in more desperate need of this magical artefact that can undo curses.

Alexandra Bracken’s “Silver in the Bone” is an exciting novel that offers an amazing fantasy realm revolving around an Arthurian world, with references to King Arthur, Merlin and Sir Bedivere throughout the novel. “Silver in the Bone” is action packed, and filled with romance and betrayal, offering something for readers who enjoy fantasy, action or romance. The novel offers 470 pages of thrilling storyline; however, the font is on the larger side, with not too many words per page so readers may get through the book faster than they think! This novel is the first of a series, with a strong hook at the end of the book, which may encourage readers to continue their reading journey by reading the following books in the series.


Hannah is currently attending UNB to obtain her teaching certificate through the Bachelor of Education program. If she isn’t at work or school, you can find Hannah out hiking, playing board games with family and friends or getting cozy while reading a good book!


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