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A Thousand Steps into Night is a captivating fantasy novel taking place in medieval Japan. The story unfolds in the realm of Awara, a world full of spirits and demons. Some of these otherworldly beings are kind, while others are not. The protagonist, Miuko, lives a constrained life as an innkeeper’s daughter, with little influence due to her gender. 

Miuko’s life takes a dramatic turn when she’s hit by a curse that begins transforming her into a demon. This unexpected twist forces her to embark on a journey to undo the curse and reclaim her human form. As she ventures through the treacherous landscapes of Awara, Miuko encounters gods, demons, and tricksters, each posing unique challenges she must overcome. 

Throughout her journey, Miuko grapples with the newfound powers and freedom that her demonic transformation has put upon her. As she navigates her changing identity, Miuko starts to question whether she truly wants to return to her former life or if the power and liberation of her demon form are worth the cost of her humanity. 

A Thousand Steps into Night is a thrilling read that combines action and Japanese mythology. It features a diverse cast of characters who engage with readers on multiple levels. The novel explores many diverse themes, including personal transformation and the conflict between societal expectations and individual desires, which many teenagers today may relate to. 

This book is best suited for mature audiences due to its exploration of dark themes such as sexual assault, murder, and sexism, so readers should proceed with caution. While the premise of this book may seem daunting for those unfamiliar with Japanese history and mythology, the author provides footnotes whenever something a reader may not know much about is introduced, making it easy to follow along with the book. 

Fans of Japanese mythology and fantasy adventures will find “A Thousand Steps into Night” an enthralling read. 

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