Margin Notes



”Can life begin again…every other weekend?” is the question posed on the back of Abigail Johnson’s book Every Other Weekend. 

Readers are introduced to Adam and Jolene, two teens who happen to be spending every other weekend as neighbors while living with their dads. In alternating viewpoints, the stories of these two are shared as they navigate the world of being a teenager with separated parents and past trauma – all while trying to pursue relationships and dreams. Their relationship begins as companions every other weekend and begins to expand into their other time through text messages.  

This book shows the complexities of human relationships, both teen and adult. The experiences of teenagers whose parents are separated are unique to their situations and circumstances are not always how they appear.  

The book has sweet moments of a budding relationship, but deals with important issues of family dynamics, toxic relationships, personal loss, death, abuse, neglect, grooming and sexual assault. The story portrays a natural progression of two teens from neighbors, to friends to romantic partners, but is complicated by both current and past events. 

I will leave you with a parting quote to offer a taste of the angsty teens and the relationship you are about to meet: 

“You made me want to be happy again.” 

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