Margin Notes

10 Minutes on Twitter


Since starting @ShelfieTalk in 2015 with my colleague Kim, I have not ceased to be amazed by the power of Twitter for personal professional learning. The new perspectives, ideas, tools, and resources I have access to as part of this virtual community are invaluable.

Here is a short list of gems I found by scrolling my timeline for 10 minutes:

The 2020 National Book Award Long List: Young People’s Literature via The New Yorker

The 2020 Shortlists for the Canadian Children’s Book Centre Book Awards

Poetry Is a Way to Connect Us During These Uncertain Times by Georgia Heard (CCIRA)

The Fall 2020 Issue of Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Tips for Engaging Students in Virtual Instruction with the Camera Off from Edutopia

A Moving Writers post called The Life-saving Power of Routines

What are your favorite Twitter accounts for professional learning? We’d love to see your recommendations in the comments below!

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